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Switch your mortgage and save.

Thinking of switching mortgages? See this illustrative example of how much people can save.

Deirdre and John bought their home in 2018 for €300,000. They put down a 10% deposit and got a mortgage for €270,000. As their mortgage was over 80% of the value of the property, they couldn't access some of the cheaper rates on the market. They got a 3 year fixed rate mortgage at 3.2% from their bank. a typical rate at the time.

Deirdre and John can now save due to falling interest rates, having paid off some of their mortgage, but especially since the value of their home has gone up to over €330,000. They can get a mortgage interest rate of 2.2%, a full 1% less! Switching could reduce their repayments by €128 per month, or they could keep their repayments the same and pay off their mortgage years early. 

Would you like to see your numbers and savings? Or learn about how to switch? Click here to arrange a free call with Ivan, our in-house mortgage advisor.
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