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  • How much does Offers cost?
    Offers by is a free product for you to use. Designed to help you in your selling journey, add value and provide a great experience.
  • How do I enable online offers on my property?
    Simply ask your agent to enable Offers by Daft on your property.
  • Do the offers placed on my property go to Daft or my agent?
    Any offers made on your property will go directly to the estate agent.
  • Can anyone make an offer on my property?
    Any registered user on Daft can apply for registration, but they cannot make offers until your Agent has approved them. Once approved, that bidder can then submit offers on your property.
  • Where can I see the offers being made on my property?
    You will be able to see all offers placed on your property listing on daft in real-time as your agent accepts them.
  • Can all house hunters view offers made on my property or just myself and the registered buyers?
    Everyone can view offers made on your property but these will be anonymous. Only your agent can see who the bidder is.
  • Where can I see other properties with online offers enabled?
    You can access properties with offers by daft available here

Read about Edward and Lorraine’s journey with ‘Offers by Daft’ here.

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